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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Six months ago I lost my best friend. I still struggle with accepting this daily. I miss him more and more as the days go on. The holidays have been especially difficult, luckily they are almost over. I still wish I could have one last gar bear hug, one last talk, one last kiss. But since that is impossible I have all of our amazing memories to hang on to. So, for the six month anniversary (Jan. 2nd) I decided to share sixty of my favorite memories of Gar and of Us (in no particular order):

1) Our first date on the Niantic boardwalk.
2) Our trip to Boston with my mom, Cathy, and Kayt. And how he even went to body worlds with me.
3) Our first kiss at Pleasure beach on the second part of our first date... :)
4) How he loveeeeed the mango ice cream bomb I made.
5) He loved the color red (i think it had something to do with his hair)
6) The time we made homemade french fries because he wanted to make them like his dad.
7) Our trip out to SLC.
8) Going to Park City to ride the alpine slide and the zip line.
9) When we spent a night in vegas, how he somehow convinced me to go on ALL THREE of the crazy rides on top of the Stratasphere.
10) Watching the 2008 Superbowl together.
11) Christmas 2007. And how he insisted we have matching Boston Red Sox hats.
12) How excited he was to give me my ring and his surprise (the matching earrings).
13) Also the TONS of other little things he tried (unsucessfully) to stuff in my stocking :) There was just too much!
14) The fact that he was so excited to be able to buy gifts for everyone that year.
15) The wii. He wouldn't even wait for christmas for that gift!
16) How amazing he was at Tennis on the wii, and how he'd always kick my butt!
17) as well as in guitar hero.
18) How happy he was to be able to play his brother in guitar hero, the time difference was perfect because Gar was up so late anyways.
19) His love for Mountain Dew.
20) and CANDY! especially pixie sticks, orange sticks, and the willy wonka mix.
21) How happy he would be when I (or my mom) would make munester chicken.
22) Our walks at Harkness Park.
23) The camping trip we took to New Hampshire.
24) And...on that trip...when i thought we'd never have a fire on that COLD night because it began raining. But, he somehow managed to start one!
25) Our Troy's dates. He would always get the western burger with a side of onion rings and I would get a turkey sandwich with a side of fries.
26) The big, huge bags of bagels and bake goods he would bring to my house when he'd visit after working at Panera.
27) His excitement when he would find a great deal at Best Buy using his discount.
28) How beastly he was to wake up in the morning when he had to be at work at 5 or 6 am for the holiday season at Best Buy.
29) How cute he looked when he would wear a long sleeve shirt under his polos, he loved that.
30) The fact that he would rarely wear his winter coat, instead opting for the zip-up hoodie his Grandma Childs gave to him.
31) The night he took me to Olive Garden...and he left in the middle of dinner and came back to give me my ring with a rose. It was so meaningful.
32) Swimming in the pool at John's father's condo.
33) Our MANY good talks we had at the boardwalk.
34) When I had to save him at 2am because he had a flat and I had AAA. We sat in the New London Library and talked, and talked, and talked.
35) His dream of owning an Audi someday.
36) His dream of having 3 children. Because he loved having a brother and a sister.
37) The incredible amount of love he had for his nieces (and now nephew). He told me on our first date that he would do absolutely anything for his niece. That was something we surely had in common.
38) How happy he was to hang christmas lights in his bedroom.
39) His rubiks cube collection and how incredibly proud he was of it.
40) When he was so excited because we painted and hung all the shelves in his room for his collection.
41) When we painted his room. I ended up hating the color, so I grabbed a random color from our garage and started ragging it on. He said it would never compare to the amazing paint jobs his dad did in their house. And, it sure doesn't!
42) He could figure out any little game or gadget out there.
43) He loved sudko
44) mangos
45) video games
46) And a wide variety of music.
47) He introduced me to Ska music.
48) He was my rock when my dad was first diagnosed with cancer and spent alot of time in the hospital. I have no clue how I would have gotten through it without him.
49) Hiking at Zions.
50) He loved animals, especially cats. And they all loved him!
51) His strong faith, it was always there with him.
52) When we messed up the first 3 layers of the jello dessert for Christmas. And how upset it made him because it didn't look like it did back at home :)
53) How happy it made him to make the "out of this world biscuits" for Thanksgiving dinner, along with his dad's gravy. yum!
54) When we took Chloe to the aquarium. Also when we took her to the holiday lights festival in Mystic.
55) He wanted footsie pajama's SO badly.
56) His red hair. and his glow brows :)
57) And as much as i wasn't a fan of his tatoos, i still miss seeing them, especially his rubiks tattoo. They were definitelyn "Gar". :)
58) When we walked around the casino until 2 AM waiting for his friend Kenny to show up. haha!
59) He loved, loved, loved 24 and wimbledon tennis.
60) Above all I remember his warm heart and his kind soul. He will forever have a piece of my heart, and for that I am lucky.

There are so many, many, many more wonderful memories I have. I could probably fill up an entire book. But for now i'll just leave you with 60 of my most favorite. I'd love it if you would leave comments with your most favorite memories of Gar. I know he is still with us. I know he takes care of us all from above. But that doesn't take away the aching I feel when I think about him not being here to talk to. I definitely look forward to the day when I will meet up with him again.

Until then we have all of our memories...