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Happy Birthday Gar

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
One year ago...

On his birthday last year Gar wanted a Rubiks Cube cake. So I tried my hardest to replicate the Rubiks Cube :)

Last Halloween Gar and I carved pumpkins together...it was a lot of fun! :)

This was taken in New Hampshire last October. It is definately a typical Gar picture :) Oh how i miss his funny antics!

Well today would have been gar's 23rd birthday. Today many, many memories flood back of great times we shared together. He loved this time of year. He loved Halloween and always thought he was lucky to have Halloween and his birthday so close together. He had told me last year, that this year for halloween, he wanted to find a big box and paint it like a Rubiks cube...if that doesn't sound like Gar then I don't know what does! :) It was also about this time last year that he, Sara and I all went camping in New Hampshire. What a fun time we had. He loved camping and the fall foliage was amazing. Even though we were iceicles when we woke up, I guess camping in october in New Hampshire wasn't the warmest idea! Another great memory was when gar insisted that we carved pumpkins around Halloween time last year. It was alot of fun, even though Gar's looked 10X better than mine! haha!

It is comforting to know that Gar is happy now, afterall that is all I ever wanted for him. He had a wonderful heart. I was lucky to have known gar, lucky to have felt his love, lucky to have spent many fun times together. I will never forget him and all he taught and gave me. Today on his birthday I remember him just as much as any other day. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about him and miss his smile, his laugh, his jokes and hearing about his dreams. Such dreams as driving an Audi, going into space, having a family of his own. I will always hold Gar deep in my heart, on his birthday, and every other day of the year. I love you Gar!

Happy Birthday!!!

1 comments to Happy Birthday Gar:

Janette said...

Hey Jamie! You were definitely missed last night when we celebrated Gar's birthday at the cemetery. We thought of you guys and are so grateful for your friendship to Gar and to us. Hope that all is going well!