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Tag, I'm it....AGAIN :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008
I am:watching tv in bed
I think: this semester is going to be hardddd
I know: i'll make it though it though
I have: the best family and friends in the world!
I wish: i knew what the future holds
I hate: my anxiety
I miss: mimi && garrison. and my sister & the girls
I fear:loosing my loved ones
I hear: my air conditioner rattling away
I smell:popcorn :)
I crave:carrot cake, random i know!
I search:for the one
I wonder: what my career will be, who i will marry, how many kids i'll have...
I regret:not sticking up for myself more often
I love: my famiyl & friends, near and far!
I ache:after i workout
I am not:someone i'm not
I believe: everything happens for a reason
I dance: in my car
I sing: in my car & in the shower
I cry: when i need to
I fight: rarely
I win:sometimes
I lose: sometimes
I never: regret (or try not to)
I always: try to take everyday as it comes
I confuse: my feelings sometimes
I listen: to a lot of different kinds of music
I can usually be found: with my friends or my family
I am scared: to loose loved ones
I need:to feel loved
I am happy about:my clean & organized room
I imagine:how accomplished i'll feel once i have my college degree!
I tag: anyone who reads this!

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