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Surprise, Surprise!

Thursday, November 13, 2008
My parents had tickets to fly down and spend a week at my sister's house in Georgia so that they could be there for Chloe's 4th birthday. I knew I couldn't miss out on all the fun so I booked my ticket for a Thursday to Monday. And I kept it a secret from my sister and Chloe! It was SOOO hard, so many times I almost slipped because I wanted to tell my sister how excited I was. So Thursday Oct. 23 I flew into Jacksonville Airport. My parents had arrived the day before and my mom and I had devised a plan. She told my sister they had to run back to the airport because the suitcase with all of Chloe's birthday presents from family back home never made the connection so they were sending it the next day (thursday). So I arrive call my mom we plan to meet in baggage claim. Mind you the night before this all I had talked to my sister and she was convinced I would be showing up with my parents on Wednesday and how upset she was when I wasn't there but that she understood that I had school and all. So I come around the corner and there is Chloe and my mom. I yell Chloe's name and she saw me and came running yelling "Auntie, Auntie, Auntie!!" It was precious and of course melted my sappy heart. Haha! Everyone was clapping and commenting how cute it was. Then I grab my bags and I head outside and my sister pulls up with my dad. Notices me and flies out of the car and gives me the biggest hug. It was perfect. I had TOTALLY surprised her and Chloe. And poor little Hannah didn't know the difference, she was asleep in the car ;) Anyways...I had a fantastic time. I spent alot of time with the girls of course. Poor Andy was working non-stop as they were trying to get their boat ready to go out to sea. But all around it was such a fun trip and I was so sad to go home monday. I miss them all!
Sorry for the massive amounts of pictures and the fact that they are completely out of order!
Chloe got a Barbie Jeep from her parents and .my parents. She LOVES it. We let her open it at about 7am. So that Andy could see her. We didn't know if he was going to make it to her party because work has been so crazy for him (luckily he did end up making it). So that is why we are all in our PJs. And that is Chloe's cousin Allison who came up from FL along with Cara's mom to celebrate Chloe's birthday
My Hannah!

Me and the girls.

I can't resist those chubby cheeks! She has grown so much!

Chloes other grandparents bought her a bouncehouse for her birthday party--this was her and I bouncing in it!

Blowing out the candles!

Opening presents :)

The Friday before her birthday she got to bring in cupcakes to her preschool. She loved the frosting, but wasn't a fan of the "cake" haha!

Chloe got the job of sprinkler..She helped me make the cupcakes for her preschool.

1 comments to Surprise, Surprise!:

Janette said...

Your little Hannah looks so old, I can't believe how fast time flies! I am glad to see you so happy and that things are going well. Keep us updated!