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Back At It

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is clear that I have neglected this blog for some time in the recent months  (maybe, year?!). Nursing school has gotten the best of me. Truly though, there was only so much I could add to my plate before it was overloaded. This was one of the things that just had to go. But, come this Thursday, the day of my FINAL nursing final I will have my life back again. YAY!

In a sense it feels so surreal. These past two years have literally flown by. In the midst of this program there were times I felt utterly and completely overwhelmed, I felt burnt out, and frustrated. Yet, other times the feeling of “This is what I am supposed to be doing” overwhelmed me. I felt a strong sense of peace as stressful as it was at times. Believe me, nursing school was no “walk in the park” but it has taught me a lot about myself. I have grown so much. To think a little over two years ago when I had just lost my father, I contemplated even submitting my application.

Thank goodness I did.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I love nursing. I love the history behind it and yet, how far the medical field still has to come. This is my “helping” outlet. I have always craved helping people. This is my shot to make a difference.

Unfortunately, as joyous as these last few weeks have been I have also felt an incredible amount of excess stress. The job market is bleak. Let’s face it; it is bad in most professions. Hospitals and other facilities are making do with what they have. The “nursing shortage” in which everyone speaks of is true, just walk into any hospital and ask the nurses. They know it’s true. Yet, the financial burden of increasing full-time benefited employees just out-weighs the benefits (in many instances). Hospitals instead opt for per-diem employees that can “fill the gaps.” I am currently a per-diem employee, so I know the drill, there are TONS of hours available. Many of these hours could be “lumped” together into a 24, 32 or 36 hour position, but that means giving another employee benefits when they don’t need to.

The most unfortunate thing of it all is I cannot be per diem as a graduate nurse. Most hospitals only hire experienced nurses for those positions. The other kicker is, come May 21st, graduation day, I am not allowed to work as a PCA as I am currently doing. Our hospital has rules in place stating you must work to your highest degree (or license). So for me, I am in a holding pattern. Praying, crossing my fingers and just hoping something opens up. I know it will, I just need to be patient.

In other news, in an attempt to take some stress off my plate and distract myself from the fact that I do not have a job yet, I have been wedding planning! We visited a few venues for our reception and decided to have it at the Officers Club at the Coast Guard Academy. Thank goodness my Poppy is retired Navy so he can be our “Sponsor”! I love the views, the facility, the event coordinator and I’ve heard the food is superb! And to top it all off it is reasonably priced! I’m sorry but $115 (+26% in taxes and service charges) a head for one meal is outrageous!

So currently the reception location is booked and our church is booked. Two major pieces checked off my list! Yahoo!

Well, I must continue (or ahem….START) studying for my final, which is tomorrow! Eek! By this time tomorrow I will be D.O.N.E!

What an awesome feeling!

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