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I am still here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

No, I did not fall off the face of the Earth. I have just been consumed by my med-surg, materinty, med math and pharmacology books and lectures. And soon to be, clinicals. 

This semester has just been kicking my butt! It is 10X or maybe 20X more intense than the last semester, I can’t say I wasn’t warned though. Everyone I had talked to (upper classmen) had said, be prepared…the second and third semesters are the hardest. First semester was a cake walk, really, compared to this semester. This past Friday we had not only our validations- foleys, NGs, IV piggybacks (which I passed! thank goodness!) but we also had our med math test! (mind you if you don't pass the med-math test with a 90 or better you are given the boot out of the program!) In the same day.

Pure craziness.

I know the professors aren’t trying to weed us out, they just have SO much to get in before we get thrown back into clinical. Which leads me to my next update.

I start clinicals again tomorrow! I am so excited. I am so ready for some new challenges. I will be at the same (local!) hospital as last semester. That is awesome because the 6am start time would be a killer if I had a long commute! We are going to be on floor 6.2 which is the oncology unit. This will personally challenging for me. I spent many of days/weeks/months with my dad on this floor. But I know my dad would be proud that I am helping out people that are as sick as he was. I know the nurses were always the ones that made such a difference for my dad.

Mom is visiting our newest little family member right now! My Uncle Sean and his wife Aunt Kerrie welcomed a new little baby boy: Sloan Michael Glynn Patrick. He is adorable and my mom is having a blast, I hear!

Well that’s it for now. I must march on with my studying, we have our first lecture exam on Wednesday and because Monday and Tuesday I will be all tied up at clinical orientation I must get a lot of my studying accomplished today. I will leave you with an adorable picture to enjoy and honestly I hope to update my blog soon. I have lots of pictures to share and can’t wait to have the time to do so!

1 comments to I am still here.:

Ayvie said...

good luck with everything!

i am a first year college student so I understand. It is so hard to get things done/keep up with everything!