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Let. It. Snow!

Saturday, December 19, 2009
The forecasters are predicting 12”+++ (and that is verbatim--directly from the mouths of those meteorologists) of the fluffy white stuff. That's quite an accumulation for our quiet corner of the state. Usually, we're lucky to get a dusting to an inch while the rest of the state gets comletely dumped on...So can I tell you how excited I am?!

Pretty darned excited!

That is, if it even snows. I remember one instance from my childhood… We were slated to get a huge HUGE BLIZZARD. I’m talking they talked it up and up and up. Everyone stayed home from school. The state basically shut down. Hah.

And we ended with a measly dusting. Seriously man?! Talk about a HUGE disappointment when you’re 10.

From that point forward I never quite trusted the weather forecasters. Because, remember, they’re job is the only job in which you can’t get fired (or even reprimanded), for being completely wrong time and again. So I’m pretty guarded when it comes to getting excited for a nice big ol’ nor’easter like this one is supposed to be.

If we do indeed end up with a foot plus of the white love I’ll be psyched and we’ll be snowed in! How fun!

I’ve got a few ideas of things I’d like to do. I plan to make cookies (but that involves a grocery store run and I’m pretty sure any and all grocery stores will be an absolute mad house today—it’ll be worth it—that’s what I’m telling myself anyways!), watch lots of movies, make a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup (which is simmering as I type), make homemade rolls and maybe even finish up my Christmas wrapping.

Oh how I would love a reason to stay inside and get things accomplished. Let’s all hope for my sake (and the sake of all the children who have their hopes up as I did that one year) that these good ol’ weather forecasters are dead on and we really do get dumped on! I sure wouldn’t mind!


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