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Craft. Time.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
I love homemade gifts. I have always loved receiving them. They are just so well...

...homemade! They're personal and meaningful. Which is why I love them so!

I (try!) to make something personal for various family members and friends each year. Christmas is always a good time to gift something that i've taken the time to make myself.

So in honor of my love of crafting here are the two gifts I have made for my favorite (and only!) nieces :)

First I took two unfinished, wooden frames (which I purchased at AcMoore, btw)

I painted them with acrylic paint

I then used matte modge podge to attach the corresponding scrapbook paper (which I had cut to size with an xacto knife)

Then is where the extra fun part comes in! I pulled out my new Cricut, well not really "pulled out" because it has already earned its own spot on my coveted craft table! anyways back on track...I typed and printed both of their names and random shapes that matched the scrapbook paper. I modge podged them in place.

Then I took some buttons and ribbon I had on hand and hot-glue-gunned them into place

--and Voila! They're finished and ready to be gifted!

A very personal and homemade Christmas gift for two of my favorite girls!

And incase you couldn't follow my step-by-step instructions whatsoever (because, you know me... I forgot to take step-by-step pictures) following are pictures of the finished (well almost finished--just need some pictures) gifts!

Happy Crafting!

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